Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Cat

Meet my cat, Smokey. He is 4 years old. He loves to eat, just like me. He is fat. His favourite food is tuna.

I love Smokey because he is fat and fuzzy.

I took him to the vet last week, he weighs about 7.2 kilograms and apparently he is overweight. So now, he needs to diet. I don't want Smokey to go on a diet because I like him fat and fuzzy.

Okay, tata for now. Anyway, my favourite soccer team won against Tottenham. WOOOHOO!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting married

My mother is very emotional. Everytime she reads the newspaper or online news, she will express her feelings like "Oh my God!" or "kenapa lah buat kat orang macam ni?" or "Dah gila ke orang ni?" But her expressions will always make me more curious about what she was reading. I would then try to read what she was reading so I would understand why she felt that way.

But today, after reading one story on the internet, she turned to me and said don't get married too early ok. You are still my baby. Then she hugged me.

I tried looking at the news she was reading. She told me one girl who is only 11 years old was asked to marry a 40 year old man. She told me the girl was forced to marry that old man. I asked her how can the girl get married when she was only in standard 5? My mother said when she was only 11 she was still playing with her friends. She cannot imagine herself married at that age. I cannot imagine it too. My brother will turn 11 in July. So I imagine if my brother was 11, he would still be too young to get married. At 11 he still expects my mother to bathe him or prepare his clothes for school or even his homework. So how can the girl get married at 11? So will she continue to go to school after she gets married? Don't she want to play anymore?

I plan to get married when I am 24. When I get married, I will marry a woman who has 10 million ringgit and we will have only 4 children. I will give my children 1 million ringgit each and the other 6 million ringgit will be for me to buy a car and a house.

My mother said she hope the girl will be ok.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Man U will win again

I did not watch the match between my fave team and Wolves last night. But when I woke up this morning, Mak told me Man U won last nite.


I think they are gonna win the Premier League again this year. My brother does not think so because he is an Arsenal fan. I think Man U will win again because Chelsea , the current leader, lost against Manchester City. What a boo boo. Mak! Your team lost.

My uncles and grand uncle are with me. They are sure Man U will the cup again this year.

Let's see who will win. Go Manchester United!

If Man U wins the title again, I will be the happiest boy in the whole wide world.

I miss my Bapak

I love my father very much. However, he is not home most of the time lately because he is now staying in Dubai. Mak says he will be there for a long time but he will come back to Bukit Jelutong to visit me and my brothers and my sisters.

I look forward to him coming home every month. I miss not playing tennis with him. Everytime he is at home, I will help him do the gardening. He will take us to eat in restaurants which I really like.

I hope he knows that I love him eventhough I am not near him anymore. I hope he knows that I miss him always when he is in Dubai.

Everytime before he goes back to Dubai, Mak will collect all his shirt and not wash them. She will give them to me and my sister to smell everytime we miss him.

I miss him very much. I hope he is ok in Dubai.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

War in Palestine

Mak loves to watch the Al-Jazeera news. The other day, I saw her crying when she was watching the news.

I asked her why she was crying. She said she is sad because in Palestine, innocent children are killed because the Israelis are bombing them. 

I asked her why the Israelis are bombing the Palestine people. She said because Israel wants to claim some of the Palestine land. 

I saw the pictures of one man carrying a dead child in his arms. Everywhere people were crying. I saw Mak cry too. Mak said, we are all lucky because our country is not at war. Mak said we are lucky because we can still play in the evening because those children in Palestine cannot go out and play. If they go out, the Israelis will shoot them. 

She also said I am lucky because I still have food and water. The people in Palestine have not much of those things. The Israelis have stopped even medical supplies from being sent to Palestine. Mak said children who are hurt in the bombing and fighting cannot be treated properly.

Mak asked us all to pray to Allah and thank Allah that we are all still save in Malaysia. She asked us to pray to Allah to protect the children in Pakistan.

I hope the children in Palestine will be safe in their country. I hope the Israelis will stop bombing them. Please do not fight anymore because it is not good. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to school

School holidays is over. I went back to school on Monday 5th January 2009. Yeay! My friends, Edward, Bob, Shafriz, Aidan and Nicholas. We are now in Standard 2-2. We are now one year older. I saw everyone else also. Everyone were busy talking to each other telling everyone about what they did during the school holidays. I told everyone that I went to Jakarta during the holidays (I will tell you about my Jakarta trip later).

Mak sent me to school today. I got new school uniform on. Mak had wrapped all my new school books in plastic wrapping. But I have no new bag. Mak said I cannot buy one because my bag is still in good condition. She said she will buy me one only when my Spiderman bag is spoiled. I actually want a new bag but it's okay. Maybe Mak got no money to buy me a new one.  I heard her tell Ayman, my sister, yesterday that she has no money to buy her the shoes she wanted. I think I should ask Bapak to buy me the BEN 10 bag when we go shopping in Subang Parade.

Last night Mak was so angry with me because I lost my school name tag. She said it would cost her money to buy me a new name tag. And it will also be difficult because then she cannot put money in it for me to buy food during break or lunch. I am sorry Mak.

When I got into class, I saw that my class teacher is Puan Noorimah. She was my class teacher last year. I like her very much. She makes nice Nasi Lemak and sambal tumis.

There are 5 new students in my class. One of them is a girl who used to stay in London. Her name is Amelia. She is quite pretty but she does not know how to speak in Malay. Maybe that's because she stayed too long in London. I think I want to teach her how to speak good Malay.

In the car, on the way to school, I told Mak that I am going to study hard this year. She said it was wonderful because then I will be a clever boy. I want to be a clever boy so that I can be a Petroleum Engineer like Bapak.

I hope to have a wonderful school year this year. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello world ... here I come


My name is Imran. I am 7 years old. I am a Manchester United fan and my favorite player is Christiano Ronaldo. I love playing football in the evening after school. When I grow up I want to be better than Ronaldo.

I love my brothers and sisters. I am number 5 in the family. I will tell you about them later.

I also love to eat. My favorite is rice. Any kinds of rice as long as it is tasty. 

My mother set up this blog for me so I can share with everyone my photos and my walkabouts that I see with my two beady eyes.

Have fun reading!